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Saving Calculator

Discover Your Petrol-to-Electric Transformation

Uncover Your Impact: Calculate Savings and Environmental Gains with our EV Savings Calculator

What your E- Scooter Saved for you?

  • gas-station

    Petrol that you did not use in

  • petrol-new

    Petrol cost that You saved

  • flash

    Electricity that you consumed in charging

  • rpa

    Maintenance cost you saved with Petrol Scooter

  • save-money

    Your total savings compared to a petrol scooter

What you Saved for the country?

  • natural-gas

    CO2 + Greenhouse gases produced in generating electricity used for charging

  • co2

    CO2 + Other Greenhouse gases reduced by not using Petrol

  • net-zero

    Net CO2+GreenHouse Gases reduced


It is equal to planting Full grown trees